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My work is mainly focused on a constant personal exploration of being, finding a tangible way for emotions, thoughts or ideas that embrace all humans such as love, loss, personal knowledge, magic, death, etc. To achieve this, using the most appropriate medium.

My graphic work uses figuration as the main vehicle, however fantasy, the unconscious, the non-existent and the divine complement the visual language that I want to transmit and that is constantly evolving. Experimentation is an important basis of my work and I usually move from comfortable places of creation when I feel they have reached their peak, there is much to explore and little mortality.

My main techniques are drawing and painting, and I take inspiration from personal experiences, psychology, philosophy and other art forms such as literature, film and music.


I currently reside in the city of Bogotá, Colombia.


2010 - 2015


2016 / 2018


2016 - 2017


2020 - 2021

Escuela de Arte Y Letras, Professional Degree in Graphic Design

Taller Circular, Etching and Drypoint Course

Taller Trescientosuno, Intermediate and Advanced Oil Painting Course

Barcelona Academy of Art, Drawing and Painting Program













"Modelos de la Academia" Galeria el Garaje, Bogotá

“Extasis” El Garaje Gallery, Bogotá

“Al otro lado del espejo” Carta Abierta Gallery, Bogotá

XI Salon of Young Art Suba International Art Biennial, Bogotá

Self-Portrait in Quarantine Competition Barcelona Academy of Art, Barcelona

Arte Red Colombia, Colombia

Goya Gallery, Virtual Art Group Show, Mexico City

Galeria Goya, Guest Artist in the exhibition "La expresión Dibujistica"

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